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In the era of technologic progress and market relations, health is our wealth, we can waste it, and we can increase it. While being sick it's difficult for our dreams to come true, and we can not fully realize in the world. Taking care about your health is the existence mission of OJSC "EKZON" for 20 years. On the pharmaceutical market of Belarus OJSC "EKZON" plays a significant role, producing more than 80 types of dietary supplements and medicines. Our regular partners today are more than 60 enterprises of wholesale and retail trade all over the country.

Moving forward, the constant expansion and modernization together withmaintaining of high product quality, increasing territory of cooperation are the immutable principles of our company. Productive international partnership is realized with many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, USA.

Visiting our website you can quickly get a complete and accurate information about the company, released and planned production, partners and delivery. Also, here you can ask all the questions and we will be happy to answer them, also you can make proposals for improving the activity of "EKZON".

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About company

The Open Joint Stock Company “Ekzon” has been functioning at the domestic pharmaceutical market since 1995. The company produces goods meeting all quality requirements. The staff of the company is interested in cooperation with national and foreign partners.

Effective treatment 
of liver diseases Essel Forte E


Production is realised on the basis of industrial regulations, technological instruction, standard operating procedures (SOPs). The enterprise has its own quality assurance and control unit. The highly qualified staff makes the works on entry and milestone control and production quality control, also the enterprise staff controls storage and realisation processes. Process of manufacturing, quality control of the products of the OJSC "Ekzon" ensures the product safety, efficiency and full compliance with technical regulating legal acts and normative documents.

We are always ready for cooperation.

225612, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Drogichin town, Lenina str., 202


ph./fax +3751644 3-07-37


RUE "Belapharmatsiya"

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