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In the era of technological progress and market relations, health is our capital, we can squander it, but we can multiply. Being sick, it is difficult to realize your dreams, to be fully realized in the modern world. Care for your health is the mission of the existence of OJSC "EKZON" for 20 years. On the pharmaceutical market of Belarus, JSC "EKZON" occupies a significant share, carrying out the production of more than 100 names of medicines and biologically active additives. Our constant partners today are more than 60 wholesale and retail trade enterprises throughout Belarus. Forward movement, continuous expansion and modernization of production while maintaining high-quality products, increasing coverage of the geography of cooperation - the unchanging principles of our company's activities. Fruitful international partnership is carried out with many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, the USA, Poland.


In the 80s the medical industry of the USSR, veterinary and agriculture, felt the lack of biochemical products. By Decision of the government of the former USSR construction of the plant of medicines and healthcare products, known as the Biochemical plant, began in the town of Drogichin of Brest region in 1986.

The plant was designed for the production of antibiotics and biological agents and also for herbs protection. Construction of the repair and mechanical manufacture of the Union’s significance was foreseen as a part of the plant for needs of medical industry.

Construction was finished in 1990, and it was decided to restructure the plant for the production of antibiotics and vitamins.

In 2020 we produced:
21 000 000
Tile of hematogen
5 500 000
Packing of tablets
1 000 000
Vials of syrups
1 500 000
Packaging of powders and granules
300 000
Other production
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